A live performance recorded in 2014

14 Laos artists, musicians, doublers, noise-makers, interpreting the
Royal music of Champasak.

The Score

Recorded in 2014

After 2 years of training, the new ATOC troupe ensemble was recording a live performance of the doubling of CHANG.

During the Touristic season (Oct - March), the troupe is playing 4 times a week, in the centre of Champasak: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at 8:30pm. During the "green season", the troupe is paying only on request.

The troupe of musicians

The revival of Shadow Theatre Troup was initiated by Yves Bernard with the collaboration, support, and knowledge of Mr Somphone, former director of a shadow puppet theater in the 70's. With Yves, they created a troupe of 14 people, musicians (xylophones, drums and harp), comedians, singers, puppeteers, noisemakers, who had to train for around 2 years to then present a "new traditional" show.

The artists work is based on originally music from south of Laos, such as the famous song "Saravane", which takes in this case almost a burlesque turn.

The troop has arrived to such a competent point to be able to enjoy themselves while creating and, none the less, still respecting the regional music, offering there for a high quality of interpretation.

The elder took a little nap during a repeat!

And most of all, the troupe is really deeply enjoying playing the show each time, with all the respect to the traditional art of shadow puppets, where humour primes over the technical aspects

The music was composed by Mr Bounmy, composer, and Mr. Somphone, director of the troupe, who very recently passed away. This exceptional person leaves behind a troupe that continues to pass on Mr. Somphone's immense talent, generosity, humor and boundless passion. It is with much emotion that we pay tribute to our departed friend.