2 American adventurers in 1925

14 Lao musicians, comedians, singers, puppeteers in 2014 to record the soundtrack (see detail here)

With the help of many nice persons, and the support of the local authorities.

The Team

2 adventurers becoming filmmakers

Cooper, Harrison, Schoedsack during the shooting of "Grass"
Cooper, Harrison, Schoedsack during "Grass", 1923

About Merian C. Cooper:

attended Annapolis, left before graduating, joined the army and spent time on the Mexican border chasing Pancho Villa.
Reaching France in late 1918, he saw service as a pilot in the Signal Corp., and just before the war ended he was shot down by the Germans and was in a German prison hospital when the Armistice was signed.
He left the army and joined the Poles, flying with the Kosciusko Flying Squadron. Shot down again, he spent ten months in a prison camp near Moscow before escaping.
Returning to New York, Cooper worked as a reporter for the New York Daily News and The New York Times. When he learned that explorer Captain Edward A. Salisbury was planning a world cruise, he applied for and was chosen to join the expedition. When the expedition's cameraman absconded after a typhoon, Cooper suggested as his replacement a young combat photographer he had met in Poland.

About Ernest B. Schoedsack:

Schoesack was a photographer and a cameraman for Mack Sennett at Keystone. During the war he had served as a combat cameraman for the Signal Corps. After the war ended, he remained in Europe as a newsreel cameraman, and in Vienna he met pilot Merian C. Cooper. He was cameraman all his lifes, with movie, block busters (as KING KONG), documentaries, etc.